FedRAMP authorized analytics in the cloud TODAY 

Without having to build it yourself 



A little more about IntelliCog Enterprise Cloud Analytics

ECA is a secure, flexible, and scalable solution to rapidly meet the analytic needs of any organization. ECA is pre-configured with best-of-breed technologies so customers can leverage a comprehensive and sophisticated system around big data management and business intelligence – all through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in a FedRAMP authorized cloud.  

Not just secure infrastructure.  IntelliCog pioneered FedRAMP-secure end to end Business Intelligence and Analytics in the cloud


The common term of Business Intelligence just doesn’t go far enough any longer.  Contact us to reimagine your solution.


IntelliCog does one thing.  From the top of our management team to every solution participant we have a singular commitment to Information Delivery, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.  


Our significant collective experience is synthesized into our delivery process and decison making in a way that reflects creativity, thought leadership, continuous improvement, and excellence in solution delivery.


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